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Delicious Podcast Moments

Sitting at my Juki and stitching up a dress, scrunchie or Gemstone Tiny is fun, don't get me wrong, I LOVE creating and bringing to life designs in playful patterns... but... I am a gemini. Hello! So doing that in silence does.not.happen. I have a big library of podcasts I subscribe to and bop between them depending on my mood and what stage I am in what I am working on.

Right now for me it has been the food. I keep coming back to podcast episodes about how chef's like Christina Tosi imagine recipes for Milk Bar, and the importance of food sovereignty in conversation between Matika Wilbur & Adrienne Keene and their amazing guests.

Listening to the hosts and their guests muse and discuss ideas and ingredients back and forth I cannot help but miss having and being at full tables. I miss dipping my spoon into an ice cream and offering a friend, "do you want to give it a try". Who doesn't want to try their friends ice cream flavour?

How I Built This with Guy Raz

While living in France Alice Waters realized that food could be interesting, rich, meaningful and most importantly crafted with ingredients grown seasonally and locally. She opened Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California in 1971. She had the hand of friends, neighbours and even local weed dealers to open her restaurant with the dream of bringing locally sourced, wholesome meals. Get a glimpse into Alice Waters journey and how she has had influence in the modern farm to table movement. ... Her tinkly laugh! Love! A good witch!

Chez Panisse: Alice Waters

1 hr 2 min listen

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Playful and fun, Christina Tossi's cakes at Milk Bar bare all their layers of goodness. Debbie Milman, a fav podcaster of mine brings us all the way back to Christina's childhood growing up with women who baked and the grit she had to get to where she is. I love Debbie for asking questions that shock her guests and doing amazing research. Christina explains why it is okay to share recipes, "We're the ones who created it, so we know why there is this much brown sugar, there is this much salt, there is this many pretzels, or potato chips or coffee crumbles. We know why we mix it as long, we know why we bake it as long, we know why we put it in out sweet little package the way we do. You can follow a recipe but without knowing and understanding..." Yup, buckle in there is a lot more to learn from Christina and the other pods on this list.

Christina Tosi

1 hr 2 min listen

Ear Hustle

Four formerly-incarcerated people face off in the inaugural Ear Hustle Cook Off. I love hearing about what these folks are able to whip up with a tight budget of $30 and items that they would have access to in a prison canteen. Also the ingenuity of how they actually get to slicing, prepping and cooking up these meals. In this episode, hosts Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods, are joined by guest judge Gilbert Pilgram of Zuni Cafe (who trained under Alice Waters!).

Episode 47: The Great Ear Hustle Cook Off

48 min listen

All My Relations Podcast

Hosts Matika Wilbur & Adrienne Keene talk with Valerie Segrest about how healing can be found through food sovereignty. This is especially important to listen to as tribes across Turtle Island (current day North America) are fighting for water rights and access to traditional food sources. Many good examples of ways to be more careful with food choices are provided that are applicable to Indigenous folks as well as settlers.

Ep #2: Food Sovereignty: A Growing Movement

44 min listen

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Fanny is the daughter of chef Alice Waters whom you were introduced to above. I love when she shares about how you ought to mix salad with your hands, explaining that it's the best way to feel if the salad is dressed enough. What resonates most with me about Fanny and her cooking style is how she describes the elasticity of recipes. Is she a gemini as well, because I can NEVER follow a recipe through.

Fanny Singer

1 hr 13 min listen

Emergence Magazine

Ancestral traditions tie Indigenous people to their food and its seed. Rowan White respects seeds as one of her greatest teachers and shares stories about her connection to farming, food sovereignty and the history of corn. "As a Haudenosaunee woman, a Mohawk woman, our connection to these seeds draws back all the way to our original creation story, where these seeds and foods emerged from the dying body of the daughter of Original Woman. They came from her body as a gift to her twin sons, so we would forever be nourished by these foods and seeds." For me, this episode is an important check in and reminder that I have a lot of work to do to decolonize myself, and that I should select my food with more meaning and purpose.

Reseeding the Food System: An Interview with Rowen White

50 min listen

What food related podcasts are you listening to now, or have you loved before?

Here is to all the meals we will create together and share in the future.


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