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(Living In Scenes That Encorporate Regular Novel Inspiring Explorations)

llisterine poster.jpg

Jana Ghalayini, James Lai, Roots,

Chelsea Hirons, Nora Wang

Malik Mckoy, Arshia Salesi,

Arezu Salamzadeh, Sienna Sekand,

Spam Wilsom, Luke van H,

Tram Pinney : participants

Cat Calica : set design

Alexis Venerus : curator

Earl Selkirk Gallery : where

03.07-....2020 : runs

LISTERINE (Living in Scenes That Encorporate Regular Novel Explorations), shares work as a breath of fresh air. It leaves a sting, a want for more perhaps, with the understanding that what you have just seen is a good way to live and be surrounded. Plushness, colour, vibrancy. The world sparkles sans glitter; instead through shape, texture and surprise.


Sparkling is a feeling.

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