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Just Text Me

Alexis Venerus : curator

Ange Adair with Brother Jopa, Alesha Aquino, David Crinshaw, Jana Ghalayini,

Nora Wang : textile artists 

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

10.30-11.25.2019 : when

Just Text Me offers an exhibit of hand-crafted textiles. Each work, a reference to the substantial role digital messaging has taken in story telling and community. This is a marked divergence from cross-cultural traditions for sharing identity and history through the textile creation.

The art exhibit features works by Toronto artists; Alesha Aquino, David Crinshaw, Jana Ghalayini and Nora Wang as well as Vancouver artists Ange Adair and

Brother Jopa. 

Come together, nourish yourself, see the world through the eyes of another. Grab-a-Slice is a new experimental art gallery located inside Albany Pizza.

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