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Insahyt Catalog 700-779

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The call for v.4 of Insahyt Catalog 700-779 is now open.


IC 700-779: v.4: The global fashion industry is worth

$3 trillion annually. Please send in an article that is not for sale.


As humans who are part of the society which we are, we all share the common ritual of getting dressed daily. This clothing can be new, vintage, fast fashion, diy, upcycled and/or made local. Some of us stitch and mend to give new and longer life to our garments. Articles can grow and change with their owner as they are worn and cared, or not cared for. As stories are changed, invariably some objects will become too special, damaged, or have so much time invested in them to be sold again. This volume will explore those pieces which are no longer, or never were for sale.


The end of submission date is MONDAY OCTOBER 28TH 2019. 



t: 647.453.7656


When sending in your work please include the following information:

  1. Artist/s given or preferred name

  2. Title of the work

  3. Year/s of creation

  4. Location/s of creation

  5. Website for more information (or instagram handle)

When sending a digital file please use a high enough resolution (ie. 300 PPI) or the image may be pixelated (this can be intentional. Post-post modernism…) Send any special instructions if need be. Email to


When sending a physical work please mail to:
Alexus Projects
unit 302-190 Dunn Ave. 

Toronto, On

M6K 2R9

Previous Volumes:
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