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Aperture Book Launch

Marisha Laine : curator

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

12.04-16.2019 : when

12.04.2019 : opening reception

+ mini zine pop up

Upcoming show...


Dreams are often described as a window to the subconscious. 

They allow us to peer into the inner workings of our own minds, interpreting our greatest fears, strongest desires and most mundane memories.  

artists : Karen Thurler, Julia Troiani, Meg Dearlove, Wenting Li, Anna Kwan, Caleb Mitchell, Dalbert Vilarino, Scott Fleming-Little, Sydney Madia, Olivia Kim, Jean deMers, Lis Xu, Alesha Aquino, Marie Caissie-Parsons, Marisha Laine


curator : Marisha Laine

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