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A then B

Upcoming show...

James Lai, AJ Nayake, Mary Chen, Oscar Chiu, Erika Fung, Derrie Tan, Tim Schijns,
Gabriel Ting, Vincent Zhang, Alexis Venerus, Juan Solorzano, Arezu Salamzadeh,
Natalia Tcherniak : artists

AJ Nayake & Alexis Venerus : hosts

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

12.17.2019-01.12.2020 : when

12.18.2019 : A reception

01.08.2020 : B reception

a then b facebook event banner.jpg

A then B is a group of Toronto based artists working in a variety of mediums leading to :

Collaboration, Play, Connection, Update, Alteration, Continuity, Dreaming, Generation, Elaboration, Auditing, Collision, Extraction, Expansion, Development, Heightening.


- - -


At the part A reception the artists will be taking each others pieces and implementing changes, using them to spark ideas for new projects and opening up to collaboration. The body of work will have the same foundation but be ultimately changed by the B reception.


A then B... how do we get to creative Happy?

James Lai 
AJ Nayake 
Mary Chen
Oscar Chiu
Erika Fung
Derrie Tan
Tim Schijns
Gabriel Ting
Vincent Zhang
Alexis Venerus
Juan Solorzano
Arezu Salamzadeh
Natalia Tcherniak
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